Historical Green Museum Gift Shop Hotel
  The Collaborators

Interiors Unleashed is one of a group of independent Design Consultancies that come together for advice, special projects, and inspiration. The interior designers of these consultancies have their own unique talents. They provide a team approach to projects, help sort possibilities, offer ideas and inspiration, and provide excellent design work.


Linda Khan (Tampa, FL) has 30 years of residential and commercial design experience. She has had her own line of furniture at an international trade showroom and has had her textile designs in Palm Beach stores. Linda has a passion for perfection that is contagious. Having lived outside the US for many years, Linda knows manufacturers and craftsmen on several continents. Interiors Unleashed has worked with Linda on multiple projects and always looks forward to the next one.


Sandra Ames has a talent for color and fabrics. She knows the High Point Market area and those specialty manufacturers. She assists with projects on the Florida West Coast and the Greenbrier Resort area of WV.


Martina MacGreevy of Sablon Interiors (Brussels, Belgium) imbues a graciousness into the very essence of her work. She has unbelievable energy and is always up for a challenge. She has collaborated on projects such as a Historical Small Town Mansion, a “green” kitchen, an American Indian Museum, and a Gift Shop. She has collaborated on published articles and she is a gifted Graphic Designer as well as an Interior Designer. We are pleased to have Martina join us for team projects.


Temenouzhka Zaharieva of Trendoffice (Sophia, Bulgaria), aside from being a practicing interior designer, is an ID Journalist. She has written for several international on-line magazines, most Bulgarian ID magazines and has a regular column, "Design Digest," in the most influential Bulgarian ID magazine, "Our Home.”She tweets and blogs with a special talent for finding and relating design trends to projects. Her work is elegant, current, and globally appealing. We are thrilled to have her join Interiors Unleashed on team projects. Tem has collaborated on a Historical Small Town Mansion project and has offered valuable insight, options, service and inspiration on much more.


Kelly Garcia of Kellciadesigns (currently of Bogota, Colombia) brings amazing worldly experience to her work. She has lived as an Ex-Pat in numerous countries. She finds out how and where things are made and goes straight to the source. She has collaborated with Interiors Unleashed on several projects including a “green” kitchen, an American Indian Museum, and a Gift Shop. Kelly’s advice, inspiration, service and sources add much to our team approach.