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  The Collaborators: Green

This ‘green’ and sustainable kitchen renovation benefited from a team approach.

A complete ‘green’ initial survey was done.

New insulation was added to the basement.

Most of the original cabinetry was re-used. New cabinets and the Walnut island top were built locally from local hardwoods.

The paint is low VOC.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances were installed.

Corner cabinet recycle bins are handy.

The backsplash is Mother of Peal from a sustainable farm raised source applied with nontoxic adhesive.

There are concrete countertops with embedded recycled glass.

A TV armoire holds china.

A separate freezer holds local organic farm raised meats and a fridge local organic produce and dairy.


Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen

There are shelves in the island, handy for often used ingredients and cook books.

Thin pull-out shelving holds spices in the lower cabinets away from appliance heat.

A pantry is planned to hold bulk items from local bulk food item sources.

A naturally cool area is planned in adjoining mud room for keeping fresh produce and root vegetables.

An area in the consistently cool basement houses wine.


Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen