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  The Collaborators: Historical

Owners of an American Revival historical mansion in a small town wanted to host public meetings and events.

They requested a proposal from Interiors Unleashed for furniture placement, colors, fabric, and an interior design that would express the role the mansion had played within the town.

Interiors Unleashed and their collaborators researched the history of the mansion, the family, and the town.

We provided floor plans, elevations, and perspective drawings showing three options: an early Victorian influence, the jazz age when the mansion was at its peak, and a mixture of styles focusing on some original furnishings.

Historical colors and fabric patterns were suggested.

Easy removal of furnishings for large events was considered.

A photo display of family as well as the town and prominent historical figures were suggested.

The client loved the jazz age and the blue walls. Listening to jazz was his favorite pastime when he lived in the house as a boy. It still is.

Although blue walls for this main parlor were not part of its history, as designers we can always find a particular hue that will work with other necessary elements and bring the whole concept together.

Our favorite houses are ones with history and character that establish themselves over time.

A proposal often gives us a place to start and the client a beginning for expressing their personal style and tastes.

Historical Mansion

Historical Mansion

Historical Mansion

Historical Mansion