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  Color and Spice: Passion & Detail


The clients collection of china, old canes, a repurposed television armoire, an antique child’s table for holding dishes along with the country setting and the architecture of the space all contribute color and spice to this kitchen.

The green of the landscape is reflected in the textured seat cushions and the golden oak tones of the floor are repeated in the insulated drapes. Fresh herbs in pots by the window hint at the seriousness of the cook. The space has an inviting country elegance. The passion and personality of the client are in the details of the design.

Mirror Detail   Chair detail

Living Space:

Although calm and soothing this open space has lots of color. It is attention to design elements, however, that gives the space spice. A careful selection of low contrast paint colors harmonize with the walls and floors and many other elements of the room - creating a calming atmosphere. There are touches of bold color, including the art behind the bar. The large buffet, used as a bar, is unexpected spice. The antique French dining chairs provide sculptural interest upon the new geometric detail, but low contrast rug design of the dining area. The unusual coffee table reflects light in the center of the room without shouting “glass” and holds small “collections” inside without being cluttered. The lights reflect the clean lines of the architecture. The mirror is dazzling with tiny cut mirror detailed pieces glued to a carved frame. There is spice and there is color, yet it is Zen like with unusual and interesting passion and detail.

Living Space

Some things are important to us and we like to have them where we can see them.  The low bookcases in this space serve two functions.  They help separate the large room into two spaces and they provide display areas for such things as a prized turtle teapot and a grandfather’s wooden hat stretcher.

The antique Country French chair is at home with the client’s ‘chair and a half’ beside the fireplace. 

The rope and tassel across the top and the mantle along with a small Chinese teapot add interest to the clean lines of the fireplace trim.   


A simple tassel, bold green fringe, and a piece of flat trim changed the client’s ottoman from very casual to comfortable with a touch of elegance. 

Passion and detail are what brings this entire space to another level.