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Pieces & Accessories

The perfect pieces for this kitchen were the stone backsplash and granite counters. They tied this space with the adjoining living area by repeating the lines and texture of stone, found in the fireplace, as well as the earthy tones of the wooden ceiling and leather couches. Understated spice.


Scale of pieces and accessories are important, especially in a space such as this new build entry hall. Interiors Unleashed drew the area in 3D and began the design process. Here a carved door is placed to close off the kitchen and add design detail. Twisted columns are architectural design accessories. A full wall mural is used for its scale in the adjoining dining room instead of wall hung art.

Pieces & Accessories
Far Right:
Accessories and the perfect pagoda stand give life to this plain pedestal sink and brown bathroom. The stand has a shelf at sink level, just the spot for a blue and white porcelain soap dish. Dark brown and white towels add contrast.


Top Right:
Fresh flowers always make a statement. They are a signature accessory for Sandra Ames. They are just as at home in a room full of “eye candy” as they are when used in a minimalist design.



Lower Right:
The suggestion of a mood with accessories, be they a fancy laid table or one lit candle, can add spice to any space.

Pieces & Accessories Pieces & Accessories
Pieces & Accessories
Pieces & Accessories

Far Left:
The client’s framed photo of a London Hotel Bathroom repeats the straight lines of this bathroom design. It also brings in a hint of warm gold to balance the cool colors of the walls, tile, and silver fixtures. The warm glow of the tall glass candle holders and airy feel of the natural grass accessory soften a space with hard surfaces and cool colors

Top Left:
This older bathroom benefited from the removal of a wall to wall mirror and a fluorescent lighting box that were above the sink and vanity area. A couple of interesting carved wooden mirror frames, a planter used for hand towels, and simple lighting fixtures along with some Japanese Block Prints changed the look of this bathroom from dated to unique.

Bottom Left:
This sink vanity makes a strong statement in a room. The curved faucet spout and handle contrast with the hard lines. A simple towel and leaf shape soap dish add a bit of utilitarian interest.