Riverside Veranda Custom Fit Downtown Loft

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Inspired Kitchen
  Custom and Built-In: Inspired Kitchen

Returning clients requested a kitchen renovation incorporating their love of the Southwest and new fondness for Asian design.

The kitchen was open to a large family area and looked out upon the newly renovated veranda.

Interiors Unleashed helped the client create a style respective of the existing architecture and tropical setting.

An Asian influence brought the simple lines and heavy feel of the Southwest to a more refined/less rustic style.

Maple with light and dark stains were used on varying sized and shaped custom cabinets.

Hickory wood was also used for legs in the custom island end and removable custom furniture piece tucked under the granite at the sink area.

Inspired Kitchen Planning
Inspired Kitchen Renovation

Inspired Kitchen Renovation

A simple Hickory trim was placed at ceiling level above upper cabinets.

Cut stone dimensional tiles formed the backsplash and granite was chosen to mimic the Spanish moss in trees along the river view and the lines in the stone of the adjoining space’s fireplace.

Natural woods and stones, a clean lined style, a slightly rustic appeal along with texture and pattern created by the cabinets and materials give this custom kitchen a unique and updated style all its own.

This renovation started out messy with digging into the concrete slab to relocate the gas line. Some dirt and grime is often necessary and the results are always worth it.

Drawings and samples help to stay focused on the end results.

Inspired Kitchen Results Inspired Kitchen Results