Riverside Veranda Custom Fit Downtown Loft

Master Bath

Inspired Kitchen
  Custom and Built-In: Downtown Loft

In this Downtown Loft, Interiors Unleashed was asked to create sleeping space for two young boys that would possibly double as dining seating. A window seat was also requested with book and storage space beneath.

We measured and re-measured, then consulted with the local Building and Planning Office.

3D drawings were done showing multiple options including sleeping/dining benches and a proposed sleeping platform. The platform utilized the upper space over existing built-ins and the open hallway. It could be used for sleeping or storage and was out of the main living area of the small loft.




Loft Loft

The clients loved the idea of an upper sleeping platform. Existing bunk bed mattresses could be placed on the platform floor.

Leftover wood from the building construction was discovered by the clients and purchased.

A contractor was hired, measurements were checked and the window seat and sleeping platform were installed.

Luck allowed enough room to indent into the existing W/D cabinet for placement of ladder rungs.

Loft Loft Loft