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A busy interior designer requested drawings from Interiors Unleashed to help with a new project.

Her clients wanted a Moroccan sitting room in an open space off the entry of their newly built Florida ocean view home.

Interiors Unleashed brought the designer’s vision and the client’s space to life allowing them to see the room as completed and understand the relationship of the proposed furnishings and finishes.

Florida Moroccan
Florida Moroccan
Florida Moroccan The typical American beach colors and Villa styles were traded for sand tones, sea grass flooring, colorful tile, and casual furnishings with Moroccan flair.

The existing column was a perfect spot for Moroccan tile. The existing neutral tiled floor and plain walls with no baseboard or cornice let the furnishings shine.

The knee walled space invited guests out of the harsh sun to relax and dream of sand in a very different environment.